Hockey players of "Pittsburgh" and "Reyndzhers" arranged a mass fight after a match of National Hockey League

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At the end of a match Championship of National hockey league between Hockey club "New York Reyndzhers" and Hockey club "Pittsburg Pingvinz" occurred a mass fight. The meeting ended with the score 3:0 in favor of "Reyndzhers". Video of incident available on the <5> NHL Rejects YouTube-channel. The account in a match was opened by the forward Vatrano Frenki. To it assisted Chris Krayder and Mika Zibanezhad. The Russian forward Artemy Panarin from transfers Dzheykob Truba and Kopp Andrew doubled advantage. Let's note that for Artemy Panarin this goal became the 20th in the current season National Hockey League. Also in this season in an asset of the Russian of 65 assists. Forward...