Hearing: In "Confidential invasion" there will be Voitel Donald Frank Chidl-mladshy

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To series "Confidential Invasion" still quite far. In a network there are fresh photos from shootings on which it is possible to see various materials. So, for example, on one of a photo Voitel performed by Donald Frank Chidl-mladshy got. Many at once assumed that the character will appear in show. There is also other version. It is based on the essence of show. That is, Voitel on a photo — skrull which met important members of society of United States of America for the purposes. Officially Donald Frank Chidl-mladshy were not told about participation. Series cast the powerful: Smolders Kobi, Paul Benjamin Mendelson, Emilia Izabel Yufimiya Rose Clark, Kingsley Paul Benjamin Mendelson - Adir, Sarah Kerolayn Olivia Sinkler and...