Agency consider that responsibility for a delay of information about Kamila Valieva lies on RUSSIAN ANTI-DOPING AGENCY "RUSADA"

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Responsibility for a delay of results of test of the figure skater Kamila Valieva lie on the Russian anti-doping agency. It declared Agency). In agency noted that RUSSIAN ANTI-DOPING AGENCY "RUSADA" initiated the test therefore has to bear responsibility for interaction with laboratory for timely analyses ". Unfortunately, RUSSIAN ANTI-DOPING AGENCY "RUSADA" did not note a high priority of test in spite of the fact that the laboratory informed on the delays caused by flash of Koronavirus among her employees", – is spoken in the statement. Agency the opinion that also expressed the decision on the admission Kamila Valieva to...
Kamila Valieva
Last position: The professional athlete on figure skating
Denise Oswald
Last position: Head of the disciplinary commission (International Olympic Committee)