Yvan Urgant commented on news that will replace Alexander Maslyakov in KVN

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At the beginning of February there was information that because of Koronavirus permanent leading KVN Alexander Maslyakov will for the first time pass some games of a new 61st season. the 80-year-old head of Club of the cheerful and resourceful wrote down the video address which placed in an official account of a game show in website "Instagram". He told that because of repeated infection he should sit some time of the house, and transfer will be conducted by other showmen. "We will invite known KVN players or people, not strangers to our game. Also we will look at whom as with maintaining it will develop" — Alexander Maslyakov noted in video. Right after the statement...
Yvan Urgant
Last position: Anchorman "Evening Urgant" (JSC Channel One Russia)
Dimitri Nagiev
Last position: Actor, TV host
Alexander Maslyakov
Last position: The head conducting telecasts of KVN (JSC Channel One Russia)
Dimitri Khrustalev
Last position: Actor, showman, TV host
Valdis Eyzhenovich Pelsh
Last position: Musician, singer, TV host, actor