Litvinov Mikhail: "Speculation Moldova in the field of gas can "give up as a bad job" partnership with Russian Federation"

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Russian Federation and Moldova in November of last year prolonged contract for deliveries natural gas on condition that Kishinev will find independent the auditor for calculation of a debt to the Russian side. How the authorities Moldova can lead which underwent a serious energy crisis, the political scientist Litvinov Mikhail told. - An inspection needs to be carried out till May, 2022. In Kishinev perfectly understand that in case of lack of progress on a debt Russian Federation can terminate all arrangements. The debt at Moldova is, but necessary money that to pay it, at it is not present. Government of the Republic of Moldova cannot...
Maia Sandu
Last position: President of the Republic of Moldova (President Moldova)
Sergei Kupriyanov
Last position: Department head 106 press secretary of the Chairman of the board (PJSC Gazprom)
Litvinov Mikhail