Penza Region is planned for territories creation of pilot carbonic farms – the enterprises of the industry for absorption atmospheric an uglerodaobshchestvo

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On Friday, January 21, 2022 in JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "CORPORATION RAZVITIYA PENZA REGION" the meeting on a question of creation of carbonic farms in the territory of the region company JSC Karbon Layf took place. Investor and the businessman Mezhidov Tamirlan submitted the climatic project on ecological transformation and industry decarbonization, creation in the territory Penza Region to a network of carbonic farms. Carbonic farms — actually new enterprises of the sekvestratsionny industry — the new, developing direction of production carbon units. In meeting from the Ministry of forest hunting economy and...
Andrey Nikolaevich Yermolaev
Last position: The deputy minister – the head of department of forestry (Ministry of Forestry, Hunting Industry and Use of Natural Resources of the Penza region)
Mezhidov Tamirlan
Anchikhrov Eugenie