Exhibition "Faces / Face / Muzzle" Museums AZ in Russian museum

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The Russian museum / the Marble Palace on January 29 - on March 10, 2022 the Moscow Museum to AZ (Museum Anatoly Zverev) is presented by one of the most successful exhibition Faces / Face / Muzzle projects. Exhibition is dated for the 90 anniversary of the known Moscow artist Anatoly Zverev (1931–1986) and devoted to a phenomenon of not smart portrait in domestic art of XX and the XXI centuries. At exhibition in Russian museum more than 90 works of artists men of the sixties and modern writers - Anatoly Zverev, Plavinsky D., Yakovlev V., Vladimir Nikolaevich Nemukhin, Yankilevsky V., Tselkov O., Shemyakin M., Kropivnitsky L....