Chose standard-bearers combined Russian Federation at the Olympic Games-2022. Alexander Aleksandrovich Bolshunov and Loginov Alexander at all did not consider

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To the Olympic Games-2022 there were two weeks. It is a high time to choose the person of team — standard-bearers of the national team of LLC "OKR", Olympic committee Russia, ROC. The benefit, this year we can do it. At the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang-2018 after doping scandals of Russians at ceremonies of opening/closing local volunteers replaced. And the national team was cut strongly down. The head of ROC Stanislas Alekseevich Pozdnyakov already confirmed that at Russian Federation at opening of Beijing Igr-2022 will be two standard-bearers: man and woman. Earlier, before the Olympic Games in Tokyo-2020 the gender balance strongly recommended to the countries to observe International Olympic Committee and to give a flag to a couple of athletes. And that...
Daniel Serokhvostov
Last position: The professional athlete on biathlon
Alexander Aleksandrovich Bolshunov
Last position: The professional athlete on cross-country skiing
Stanislas Alekseevich Pozdnyakov
Last position: President (LLC "OKR", Olympic committee of the Russian Federation, ROC)
Pavel Aleksandrovich Kulizhnikov
Last position: The professional athlete on speed skating
Helena Vyalbe
Last position: President ("FLGR")
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