To the Ryazan city cleaners of snow will help regional

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The deputy chairman of Government regiona Eugenie Belenetsky gave an assignment to work start-up by transit through Ryazan the cars occupied in cleaning of snow on roads to area. It sounded during working meeting on execution of an order of the governor Nicholas Lyubimov about snow cleaning in the regional center. The special equipment could, in case of a transfer from one part of the region through Ryazan in passing to clean snow another on roads the cities. It will reduce terms of reduction of streets in an order after heavy snowfalls which are predicted soon...
Eugenie Belenetsky
Last position: Vice-chairman (Government of the Ryazan region)
Nicholas Lyubimov
Last position: Secretary (Ryazan city regional branch office Parties "Yedinaya Russia")
Government regiona
Government Agency