Snow cleaning to Ryazan will undertake seriously

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Nicholas Lyubimov with participation of representatives of Administration of Ryazan and managements on city improvement, and also the staff of traffic polices at meeting on execution of an order of the governor. The deputy chairman of Government regiona Eugenie Belenetsky conducted meeting. He demanded at once the report from responsible persons about a condition of material base and human resources of that complex which is involved in snow cleaning in the regional center. It became clear that in staff the management on improvement of Ryazan does not suffice 176 people. During the heaviest snowfall the management can bring to streets 140...
Nicholas Lyubimov
Last position: Secretary (Ryazan city regional branch office Parties "Yedinaya Russia")
Eugenie Belenetsky
Last position: Vice-chairman (Government of the Ryazan region)
Skripnikov Mikhail