Mikhail Borisovich Pogrebinsky: The idea of the virtual summit of Russia-USA-Ukraine looks lightly

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"It is difficult to present that Joe Biden told the head of office Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky: "I like your idea, I will offer it to the Russian colleague". It is now unreal not only the summit with participation of United States of America, but also Summit of "A Norman format"", – told business newspaper "Vzglyad" the Kiev political scientist Mikhail Borisovich Pogrebinsky, making comments on the statement Administration of the President of Ukraine about possibility of the virtual summit of chapters Russian Federation, United States of America and Ukraine. "Chances of carrying out the tripartite summit with participation of presidents Russian Federation and United States of America and Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky approximately same as though I offered the summit, for example, with participation President of the Republic of France, the chancellor Germany and...
Dzhozef Robinett Bayden-mladshy (Joe Biden)
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Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky
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