In the State Duma responded to the proposal Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky to Joe Biden to organize negotiations with Vladimir Putin

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The first deputy chairman of Committee State Duma of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for Commonwealth of Independent States, to Euroasian integration and communications with compatriots Victor Petrovich Vodolatsky Friday, January 14, in conversation with daily social and political business newspaper "Izvestiya" estimated the offer President of Ukraine Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky, addressed to the head of the White house Joe Biden, about the organization of tripartite negotiations with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin...
Vladimir Putin
Last position: President of the Russian Federation (President of the Russian Federation)
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Dmitry Peskov
Last position: Deputy head, Russian President's Press Secretary (Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation)
Dzhozef Robinett Bayden-mladshy (Joe Biden)
Last position: President of the United States of America (President of the United States)
Vladimir Aleksandrovich Zelensky
Last position: President of Ukraine (President of Ukraine)
Andrey Borisovich Yermak
Last position: Head (Administration of the President of Ukraine)