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The staff of prosecutor's offices celebrates 300 years from the moment of the department basis. On January 12, 1722 Peter I signed the relevant decree Head of the District Andrey Ivanov on January 12 congratulated staff of prosecutor's office on a professional holiday, handed over certificates of honor and mementoes. The text Sokolov Victor, a photo Zhukov Valery Prosecutor's office defends the housing rights of citizens, exposes unfair builders and protects the rights of the deceived shareholders. In the welcome speech he emphasized the importance of public prosecutor's work: – Prosecutor's office Russian Federation – important state institute with...
Aleksey Shkolkin
Last position: Chief (Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of the Yaroslavl region)
Andrey Ivanov
Last position: Head (Administration of the municipal district Odintsovsk of the Moscow region)
Sokolov Victor
Zhukov Valery
Odintsova Tatyana