Victor Saltykov and Shura won a new season of show "against Superstar! "

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Last Sunday, December 26, on air of TV channel TV channel "NTV" the premiere of the final of a new season of show "Superstar took place! ". For a rank of "superstar" four actors which peak of popularity fell on the 80-90th and 00th years fought. Participants of new release became: legendary Shura, idol of millions women Abraham Russo, ex-participating of Forum and Elektroklub groups Victor Saltykov and singer Anastasia. In the final of musical show TV channel "NTV"...
Sergei Zhukov
Last position: Singer, soloist of the pop group "Hands up!"
Valeria Kudryavtseva
Last position: Host of the Secret on One Million program (JOINT-STOCK COMPANY "TELEVISION BROADCASTING COMPANY NTV")
Sergei Sosedov
Last position: Musical critic
Abrakham Ipdzhyan (Abraham Russo)
Main activity:Show business personality