Chapter Udmurt Republic recognized problem existence with public transport

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"Public transport — it validly a problem all four years. And we from the different parties approach to it, we try to bring to routes of businessmen. There are problems, will not go deep. Each route should be fulfilled manually" — Alexander Brechalov commented on one of addresses on public transports chapter Udmurt Republic during a straight line. And the speech in addresses of citizens went not only about city public transport, but also about disappearance of intermunicipal routes. "While system decision to close all these problems, we do not find. Even looked, how...
Alexander Brechalov
Last position: Head of the Udmurt Republic (Head of the Udmurt Republic)
Oleg Nikolaevich Bekmemetyev
Last position: Head (Administration of the municipal entity Izhevsk city)
Chasovitin Dimitri
Semenov Jaroslaw
Gorbachev Aleksey
City administration
Government Agency
Government Agency