Koronavirus to Russian Federation: omicron — a new round or the beginning of the end of a pandemic?

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A new strain the omicron reached to Russian Federation — the first two cases revealed on Friday at arrived of South Africa Russians. Certificates for had Koronavirus will work one year, instead of six months, already renew documents. Some experts assume that emergence of an omicron becomes the beginning of the end of a pandemic, others consider — the strain will lead to new splash...
Sergei Netyosov
Last position: Head of the laboratory of biotechnology and virology of Faculty of natural sciences (NOVOSIBIRSK CITY STATE UNIVERSITY, NGU)
Tatyana Golikova
Last position: Vice-chairman (Government of the Russian Federation)
Mikhail Murashko
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation)
Anna Popova
Last position: Head, Chief state health officer of the Russian Federation (Federal Supervision Agency for Customer Protection and Human Welfare)