Who the most influential security officer to Belgorod Region

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From 15 security officers of the region it was succeeded to get to the first ten a rating of influential persons only to one. Above other colleagues were Sergei Rozhkov, Vladimir Ivanovich Torgovchenkov, Vasilii Petrovich Umnov...
Vasilii Petrovich Umnov
Last position: Chief (Administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation of the Belgorod region)
Sergei Rozhkov
Last position: Chief (UFSB of the Russian Federation on of the Belgorod region)
Vladimir Ivanovich Torgovchenkov
Last position: Prosecutor (Prosecutor's office of the Belgorod region)
Oleg Mantulin
Last position: Secretary of the Security council (Government of the Belgorod region)
Aleksey Nikolaevich Arkhipov
Last position: Chief (Belgorod customs)