Pervy Petr Alekseevich and Byzantium: succession or antithesis? The report Kuzenkov Pawel on Ioasafovsky readings

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On December 26 in Belgorod passed plenary session of the XIX Ioasafovsky readings devoted to a subject "To Peter I 350 anniversary: sekulyarny world and religiousness". We publish the report of the candidate of historical sciences, the associate professor "Theology and religious studies" Institutes social sciences and the international relations the Sevastopol state universities Kuzenkov Pawel ...
Dimitrios Arkhondonis (Bartholomew I)
Last position: The archbishop of Constantinople — New Rome and the Universal Patriarch in Constantinople orthodox church
Pervy Petr Alekseevich
Kuzenkov Pawel
Grozny Ioann
Makedonsky Alexander