NONI of Belarus submitted the new program "World music"

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1 of 3 Today, on November 26, passed a grandiose concert of the National orchestra of national tools in the Big hall of the Bashkir state philharmonic hall of a name of H. Akhmetov under the name "World music. Melodies and songs of people of the world". The conductor of the program – the winner of the international, All-Russian and republican competitions Mukhametzyanov Rinat acted as the captain of crew who carried away the audience in round-the-world musical travel. Melodies of steppe nomads and Russian dance tunes folk tunes, bright compositions Tatar, Buryat, Kazakh, Uzbek and other people, composition Scottish...
Mukhametzyanov Rinat
Uebber E. L.
Timirov Azamat
Girfanova Gulshat
Nigmatullina Alfiya