Tsivilev Sergei dismissed chapter Prokopyevsk for unethical behavior in days of mourning

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About resignation chapters of Prokopyevsk (Kemerovo Region) Starchenko Vyacheslav were written on November 26 by the head of the region Tsivilev Sergei in the telegram-channel. Watch development events in translation: "Explosion on mine in Kemerovo Region – all news" chapter Kemerovo Region reported About the reason of resignations that it is connected with Starchenko's actions, recently appointed to a position, and his team which decided to celebrate appointment. All this occurred in days of mourning on victims on Listvyazhnaya mine. The governor admitted that it is difficult for it to be at loss for words for the description of this fact. "At people who were on that banquet...
Tsivilev Sergei
Starchenko Vyacheslav
Kibrik Eugenie