Residents of Balashikha are told that "Yellow" level of weather danger is declared in the Moscow region izza ices

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In Moscow and areas "yellow" level of weather danger because of ice is declared. The prevention will last till 11 o'clock on November 28, Federal state-financed institution "Hydrometeorological center Russia" are reported on a site. "Yellow" — is the second level of danger which means potentially dangerous weather. The same level of weather danger is declared in territories Yaroslavl Region, Smolensk Region, Oryol Region, Kursk Region, Kostroma Region, Ivanovo Region, Vladimir Region, Ryazan Region and Bryansk Region. On Friday air temperature in Moscow will fluctuate from a minus 1 to plus of 3 degrees, in Moscow Region — from a minus 2 to plus of 3 degrees. The thaw which is replacing...