Yarosh commented on the possible meeting with Solovyev Vladimir and Olga Skabeeva

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"I would not want to communicate with them. Here they here are not present, and one emotions … I from 16 years worked at iron and steel works therefore I have very large supply of obscene lexicon. And therefore I think that it would sound not really well for people", – Yarosh explained. He considers that to speak about Olga Skabeeva and Solovyev Vladimir there is nothing...
Eugenie Popov
Last position: Journalist, TV host, political analyst (VGTRK)
Olga Skabeeva
Last position: The leader of the social and political talk show "60 minutes" on Russia-1 TV channel (VGTRK)
Alesya Batsman
Last position: Leader of own YouTube channel "Alesya Batsman"
Solovyev Vladimir
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