A deduction upon purchase housing suggest to increase by 1 million rubles

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Liberal Democratic Party of Russia proposed to increase a deduction upon purchase living spaces to families with children at the rate of 1 million rubles by each child. The corresponding letter is already sent to the Deputy Prime Minister, "The parliamentary newspaper" writes "Parlamentskaya gazeta" housing provide once at a rate of the actual expenses, but it is not higher than 2 million rubles. Thus, it is most possible to return tax in the sum of 260 thousand rubles. Increase in a limit at 1 million rubles for...
Yvan Konstantinovich Sukharev
Last position: Deputy (State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation)
Political ideology:Patriotism, anti-Americanism, eurasianism, centrism, anticommunism, etatism, mixed economy.