Policy: Business Valery Rashkin bared ideological crisis of Communist Party of the Russian Federation

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Communist Party of the Russian Federation the aura of the martyr will create Valery Rashkin and will convince electorate that the communist suffered not for poaching, and for belief. The Communist Party already applied such tactics after the previous scandals. And though they spoil reputation of Communist Party of the Russian Federation, leaders of communists will not change tactics, and will continue to create the ideological reality not being crossed with reality, political scientists consider. "In a situation with an elk...
Gennady Zyuganov
Last position: Chairman (CPRF)
Valery Rashkin
Last position: First deputy chairman (Committee State Duma of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation for nationalities)
Youri Afonin
Last position: The deputy, the First Deputy Chairman of the Committee on natural resources, property and the land relations (State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation)
Artem Samsonov
Main activity:Politician
Sergei Levchenko
Last position: First secretary (IRKUTSK CITY OBLASTNOYE BRANCH KPRF)
"United Russia"
Political ideology:Centrism, liberal conservatism, etatism
Political ideology:Socialism of the 21st century, communism, Marxism-Leninism, anti-capitalism, anti-fascism, patriotism.