INTERVIEW: Member Moscow Helsinki Group, clergyman of the Kostroma diocese of RO Russian Orthodox church MT priest Edelshteyn Georgy: part second — about the letter Eshliman Nicholas - Yakunin Gleb, the lake Men Alexander, selective the rights and archaisms of Church

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Full version of interview. The short version is published HERE Part one — HERE "Credo.Press" Portal: You had some relation to emergence of "Open letter" of priests Yakunin Gleb and Eshliman Nicholas 1965. In your opinion, this letter was heard? Whether it was worth writing it in general? - I know history of this letter from the first day when it was conceived. And I can tell all this story to you. Aeschlimann's father Eshliman Nicholas not really well wrote. And Yakunin Gleb in general never wrote nothing. Well, the father Eshliman Nicholas asked me to write, then edited, something accepted, something threw out. I to you in it...
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