"I lost the father": Drivers responded to the address Denise Nikolaevich Protsenko

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The TV host refused to go to a red zone. The open letter written by chief physicians to public persons whom they call "antivakser", had effect not only on public, but also on leaders public opinions. Eugenie Aleksandrovich Bogolyubov answered the chief physician of STATE BUDGETARY HEALTH CARE INSTITUTION "CITY CLINICAL HOSPITAL NO. 40 DZM" to Denise Nikolaevich Protsenko and to other physicians. According to the TV host, he does not understand why it attributed to antiprivivochnik and the people denying an illness. After all it and itself was ill kovidy twice, and the pandemic took away from it the native person. "I lost the father! He died from Koronavirus! " — the leader declared. Meanwhile, his mother...