All the same I will not throw it, because it good: Dmitry Medvedev will be re-elected on a post of the party leader of the power

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Dmitry Medvedev will be pereutverzhden on December 4 as the leader of political party at report-back election congress "United Russia" Party. About it reports the edition with reference to daily business newspaper "Vedomosti". Sources of daily business newspaper "Vedomosti" reported that the structure of governing bodies of the party in power will be updated approximately for 50–70%. Thus interlocutors of the edition emphasized that it is not necessary to expect significant personnel changes. The posts will keep also the secretary of a general council Andrey Turchak and the chairman of the supreme council Boris Gryzlov. The previous report-back election congress took place in January, 2017. In February, 2020...
Vladimir Putin
Last position: President of the Russian Federation (President of the Russian Federation)
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Dmitry Medvedev
Last position: Vice-chairman (Security Council of the Russian Federation)
Andrey Turchak
Last position: First deputy chairman (Council of Federation of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation)
Boris Gryzlov
Last position: The plenipotentiary of the President in contact group in Ukraine