Sergei Nikolaevich Yuran held a 14-second press conference: give, ask questions, and we went from here

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The head coach "SKA Khabarovsk" Sergeyyuran after defeat in a match Olympe-FNL 23 rounds (1:3) emotionally spoke on behalf of "Krasnodar-2" on after match press conferences, having told some words, transfers sport TV channel "Match TV". "Give, ask questions, and we went from here. Comment? To win, it is necessary to hammer the I booze the moments and not to make such children's mistakes. Thanks" — was told by Sergei Nikolaevich Yuran and left a hall. "SKA Khabarovsk" settles down on the fourth place in Olipm-FNL, having in the asset of 40 points. "Krasnodar-2" takes the 11th place, having gained 29 points. After that match the Khabarovsk club goes...
Artyom Dzyuba
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Sergei Nikolaevich Yuran
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