Oleg Melnichenko reported about new appointments in structure of the regional power

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The Penza school students soon are not going to transfer to an udalenka if there is no aggravation of an epidsituation. It was declared by the governor on November 16 at operational meeting in Government regiona. In the same place he reported about the next appointments in structure of the regional power. In some ministries and departments there were new people. Oleg Melnichenko waits for similar actions and from the city management: not all objectives are carried out qualitatively and in time, and therefore become last Friday the mayor Alexander Nikolaevich Basenko should be engaged soon in the decision also...
Oleg Melnichenko
Main activity:Politician
Andrey Nikolaevich Yermolaev
Last position: The deputy minister – the head of department of forestry (Ministry of Forestry, Hunting Industry and Use of Natural Resources of the Penza region)
Almaz Khakimov
Last position: Minister (MINPROM OF THE PENZA REGION)
City clinical hospital No. 6
Government regiona
Government Agency
Oblastnoy Minleskhoz
Government Agency
Regionalnoye ministry obrazovaniya
Government Agency
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