To Kirov Region exhaustive measures are taken for elimination of the epizootic center of an avian flu

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The damage from withdrawal of birds in Zuyevka district is compensated on November 2 the governor by Kirov Region Igor Vasilyev held the meeting devoted to taken measures for elimination of the center of an avian flu in Zuyevka district. The vice-chairman of Government of the Kirov region, the Minister of Agriculture and the food Aleksey Alekseevich Kotlyachkov noted that on October 27, 2021 in Zuyevka district at the poultry-farming enterprise there was a case of a bird. In the selected tests by results of research bird flu was found. According to the chief of Veterinary Department of the Kirov region Sergei Fedorovich Chuchalin, quickly...
Igor Vasilyev
Last position: Governor (Government of the Kirov region)
Aleksey Alekseevich Kotlyachkov
Last position: Minister (MINSELKHOZPROD)
Sergei Fedorovich Chuchalin
Last position: Chief (Veterinary Department of the Kirov region)
Anatoly Nikolaevich Koshcheev
Last position: Head (Administration of the Zuyevka district of the Kirov region)