More than 900 thousand inhabitants of Angarski Krai took part in population census

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On October 15, 2021 to Irkutsk Region started population census. By data on the 28th, 939 thousand inhabitants participated in it already. These are nearly 40% of population of the region. From them 196 thousand people passed poll on "Gosuslugakh". Such data were sounded at meeting of the Commission on carrying out VPN in Angarski Krai which Irkutsk Region Andrey Bunev took place under the leadership of the deputy governor. According to the head Irkutskstat of Ivanova Irina, the Balagansky area (89%), the Katangsky area (74%), Svirsk (68%) appeared the most active municipalities...
Andrey Bunyov
Last position: Vice-chairman (Government of the Irkutsk region)
Ruslan Leonidovich Sitnikov
Last position: Acting as vice-chairman (Government of the Irkutsk region)
Ivanova Irina