The regional specialist about the virtual book of memory: it would be desirable that we were more presented with area history

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News Belarus. The history of the virtual book of memory of the Osipovichsky area began with a small yellow envelope – a pokhoronka of the grandfather of Shpak Valentine who after death of the grandmother appeared in his hands. It appeared that in each area Mogilev Region are the keepers of history. The software engineer of Slavgorod professional lyceum and the searcher Khaliev Alexander is interested in history of the native land from a school bench, reported in the News program "24 hours" on STV. The virtual museum "Heritage" became result of its scrupulous work. "There was a wish to learn how was lost and where my grandfather" is buried. As...
Shpak Valentine
Kesareva Ilona
Shcheglov Yvan Tikhonovich
Shcherbachenya Natalia
Borisenko Nicholas
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