In Saint Petersburg the police detained two activists who were carrying out single pickets

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Police officers Saint Petersburg detained activists Khoroshenin Valentine and Gofman Anastasiya. Detainees reported Department of Internal Affairs Info about it. Khoroshenin Valentine and Gofman Anastasiya detained during single pickets in support of the person involved in "palace business" Maryasov Gleb, and also Municipality of Bar "Vogel". Both picketers delivered in the 76th department of police. Khoroshenin Valentine with a poster / Photo: Samusik Veronica, SOTA Gofman Anastasiya with a poster / Photo: Samusik Veronica, As reports to SOTA the PYaTNITsA telegram-channel, the detainee impute article about violation of "sanitary" norms (Art. 8.6.1 of Federal law of the Russian Federation of 30 December 2001 No. 195-FZ "On the Code on Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation" to SPb). On October 27 court in Moscow sentenced the person involved...
Gofman Anastasiya
Maryasov Gleb
Samusik Veronica
Khoroshenin Valentine