The South Ural pensioners who have left on self-isolation with delivery of products and drugs will be helped by volunteers

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Where to call if the help to the South Ural pensioners who have Left on self-isolation is necessary will bring products and drugs To time lokdauna to Chelyabinsk Region at volunteers in a priority the help to South Ural residents 60 years will be more senior. However if necessary on support can count and more young people, Irina Gekht reported at a briefing on October 27 the first deputy governor. — It is recommended to leave 60 years, not vaccinated from kovida are self-isolation citizens more senior — Irina Gekht reminded. — Naturally, there is a question of providing with their food, medicines, a question about...
Irina Gekht
Last position: First deputy governor (Government of the Chelyabinsk region)
Aleksey Leonidovich Teksler
Last position: Governor (Government of the Chelyabinsk region)
Marina Poddubnaya
Main activity:Politician
Kalimullina Svetlana
Avdoshina Paulina