Park at new LDS in Novosibirsk will set with coniferous and bright willows

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The territory project between the new ice arena and the Bugrinsky grove will start developing this year. And near the future stadiums arrange well a platform quicker, than counted: main works behind. If the contractor as advances the schedule, new park will open to the City Day. Details estimated "Novosibirsk news". Workers pave paths where until recently there was an impassable floodplain of Ob. And between them prepare the basis for lawn laying. Improvement round the new ice arena large-scale, however ecology of a place does not suffer. For trees leave special wells, that air...
 Anna Tereshkova
Last position: The deputy mayor of the city of Novosibirsk - the chief (Department of Culture, Sports and Youth Policy of mayor's office of the Novosibirsk city)
Gizhitskaya Svetlana
Komarov Pawel
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