EP: Vladimir Putin splits Poland with help oppositions and migrants

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The opposition supports "migratory aggression" Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko against Poland — with such "sensational" charge the chairman of "Law and Justice" Party Jaroslaw Alexander Kachinsky acted. According to the author, the Polish authorities decided to use crisis in the internal political interests...
Vladimir Putin
Last position: President of the Russian Federation (President of the Russian Federation)
2 270
Alexander Lukashenko
Last position: President of Republic of Belarus (President of the Republic Belarus)
Donald Tusk
Last position: Chairman (YENP)
Jaroslaw Alexander Kachinsky
Last position: Vice-president of Council of ministers (Council of Ministers of the Republic of Poland)
Tolochko Victor
"Law and Justice"
Political ideology:National conservatism, social conservatism, panjevropeizm, economic nationalism.
"Civic Platform" Party
Political ideology:Conservatism, economic liberalism