Why Lithuania became a source of contentions

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It is enough to look at the card: even the pupil of initial schools will see that through Lithuania and Belarus it is possible to pave way to Kaliningrad Region. 144-million Russian Federation it is necessary overland it is expensive to million Kaliningrad. But it is not visible yet that Vilnius realized geopolitical benefits of the situation, being a source of contentions, instead of integration projects...
Andrzej Duda
Last position: President of the Republic of Poland (President of Republic Poland)
Gitanas Nauseda
Last position: President of the Republic of Lithuania (President Lithuania)
Victoria Chmilite-Nilsen
Last position: Chairman (Diet of Republic of Lithuania)
Shklyarova Olga
Victor Elzbieta
"Law and Justice"
Political ideology:National conservatism, social conservatism, panjevropeizm, economic nationalism.
"Civic Platform" Party
Political ideology:Conservatism, economic liberalism