Miscellaneous. Sergei Shubenkov about words of athletes about salaries football players: yes it everything envy! We too want so much money to receive

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The world champion in run on 110 meters with barriers Sergei Shubenkov compared loadings in soccer and track and field athletics. I am kidding about football players. But tricks in that also consist: we have unreal loadings because we have sports about another — it is necessary to show the human absolute. At us there is a speech about the tenth, the 100-th. And here game — it is necessary nakolotit more balls, though problems happen to it, and in principle sports about another — it is clear that sports about another. But all the same big-time sports — it about enormous loadings, whether it be soccer, hockey, cybersports. Other athletes after failure of combined Russian Federation...
Sergei Shubenkov
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