Russian Federation will increase a share of nuclear generation in a country energy balance to 25% by 2040
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"Accumulation of capacities of nuclear generation – process expensive and slow, but nuclear generation – steady, stable and "green". As any other type of power, nuclear demands the weighed, reasonable scientific approach", - Alexei Likhachev noted "Rosatom" chapter State corporation "Rosatom"...
Maxime Reshetnikov
Last position: Minister (Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation)
Alexander Novak
Last position: Vice-chairman (Government of the Russian Federation)
Alexei Likhachev
Last position: Director general (State corporation "Rosatom")
Kirill Borisovich Komarov
Last position: The first deputy director general - Blok's director of development and the international business (State corporation "Rosatom")
Maxime Oreshkin
Last position: Assistant to the President (Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation)