Helena Shmeleva] became the chairman of the board of the federal territory Siriu

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The head FUND "TALANT I USPEKH" Helena Shmeleva became the chairman of the federal territory Sirius. It became known of it following the results of the first meeting of Council of the federal territory Sirius which took place on October 15. The first structure of Council of the federal territory Sirius was defined on September 21, 2021. Then following the results of three-day vote representatives of parties "United Russia" Party and ""A Just Russia" Party - Patriots - For the truth". It was noted that Council will include 17 people, nine of them chose a vote way among inhabitants. Part in action took...
Vladimir Putin
Last position: President of the Russian Federation (President of the Russian Federation)
2 270
Veniamin Kondratyev
Last position: Head (Administration of the Krasnodar Territory)
Aleksey Kopaygorodsky
Last position: Mayor (City administration of Sochi - executive-administrative body of municipal education of resort town Sochi)
Helena Shmeleva
Last position: Head (FUND "TALANT I USPEKH")
Alexander Aleksandrovich Ruppel
Last position: Vice governor (Administration of the Krasnodar Territory)