Training, romance novel and fantasy: what books are preferred by residents of Kostroma

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The most popular book residents of Kostroma had Khey Louisa "Become happy in 21 day. The most full course of love to". To such conclusions on the basis of analyses an array of the depersonalized data of service "Megafon. Books" since the beginning of 2021 came specialists of Megafon – one of leaders of a telecom market Russian Federation. On the second and third place Alyushina Tatyana "A collection of ex-husbands" and a city fantasy Zavoychinskaya Mylena "Mr. Smert and the cranky witch" settled down a romance novel. The fourth and fifth place was taken by the detective story thriller "The Girl in Ice" of Robert Bryndz and the book of the American blogger and...
Khey Louisa
Alyushina Tatyana
Zavoychinskaya Mylena
Menson Mark
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