Details of detentions the ex-Deputy Prime Minister Republic of Crimea] became know

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"The former Deputy Prime Minister Republic of Crimea Eugenie Konstantinovich Kabanov, detained on suspicion in fraud and corruptions, can be involved in plunder money at construction schools and kindergartens", – assumed in conversation with business newspaper "Vzglyad" the political scientist Vladimir Dzharalla. On Friday of Eugenie Konstantinovich Kabanov it was detained by law enforcement agencies. "Militiamen opened and stopped the whole criminal scheme on theft and a conclusion of money from budgets. In this case also the ex-minister of constructions and architecture Mikhail Mikhaylovich Khramov appears. It is a question of plunder several hundred millions rubles. Now security officers should try to return everything...
Sergei Pavlovich Tsekov
Last position: Member of the committee (Committee Federation Council of Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation on International affairs)
Sergey Aksyonov
Last position: Head of the Republic of Crimea (Head of the Republic of Crimea)
Vladimir Dzharalla
Last position: Political scientist
Mikhail Mikhaylovich Khramov
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