Surprises and tears: that waits for stars and the audience in the second release of "Duets"

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Eight superstars were not afraid in the first release of "Duets" to sing before a huge mirror wall where their confidential workmates were hidden. Suddenly for all and only on a scene of "Duets" the Kombination group reunited, Larissa Dolina is for the first time ripe with the granddaughter Aleksandra, and the secret satellite Lyubov Uspenskaya became Chumakov Aleksey. From shock "the queen of a chanson" at all did not keep standing. "When the wall opened and I saw Chumakov Aleksey … I from surprise fell – simply fell down", – Lyubov Uspenskaya speaks. In perplexity there was also an anchorman Nicholas Baskov. He to the last did not know that his workmate...