To Bosnia and Herzegovina attacked football referees and burned them car. The president of "Velezha" expelled from soccer for two years

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Incident on a match of the championship Bosnia and Herzegovina. On September 21 the match of the championship Bosnia and Herzegovina between "Velezhem" and "Borats" was interrupted on the 81st minute at the score 0:2 when tens local fans in the field ran out. As the delegate of a meeting Dragomir Dzhaich declared, police officers refused to guarantee safety, and game was not continued. After a match the group of fans in a tunnel between Jablanica and Konyich blocked car in which arbitrators Topalovich Sabriya, Shekhovich Admir and Adnan Alispakhich went. Hooligans were armed with bits and fittings, they broke glasses cars and set fire to it, reported Hercegovina...
Topalovich Sabriya
Shekhovich Admir
Khasich Shemsudin