The young defender who was opened by Oleg Znarok, is ready to break off KHL. But International federation of ice hockey do not let it to national teams / "Carolina" the top young defender waits, and the player can make to himself bright career in National Hockey League

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Improbable progress Nikishin Alexander. We live for a long time in reality, in which the Russian young defenders capable steadily to play at the level of the second couple of KHL club — piece goods, and young attacking defenders — at all Red Book copies. Gradually the situation with the guys able not only to clean at own gate, but also actively to play with washer, is corrected. In Ufa 19-year-old Mukhamadullin Shakir whom Tomi Lyamsya tries not to clamp in a framework grows up. In North America participants of last MChM Chayka Daniil and Knyazev Artemy, not wishing prepare for a debut in AHL...
Valery Karpin
Main activity:Official
Oleg Znarok
Main activity:Official
Tomi Lyamsya
Last position: Head coach (Independent noncommercial organization "XK "Salavat Yulayev")
Andrey Mironov
Last position: The professional athlete on hockey (INDEPENDENT NONCOMMERCIAL ORGANIZATION "XK "DINAMO-MOSKVA")
Nikita Zadorov
Main activity:Athlete