Till October 10 stupinets can choose, what pond in the district will clear according to the governor's program

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Implementation of the regional program for cleaning of ponds and lakes was discussed at city meeting under the leadership of the head of the district by Muzhalskikh Sergei. "100 ponds and lakes" the governor declared Moscow Region reported, in Stupino's Stupino she included 8 reservoirs. On one pond – in Mikhnevo and Malino's settlements, in Batayki and Aksinyino's villages, in Non-commercial horticultural association "Rucheyek" on the river Vostets (in the north of the district), in Aleevo's village. In Stupin – two: one in Belopesotsky near Levaya Poyma Street, the second is...
Kashirkin Aleksey
Muzhalskikh Sergei
Medvedev Sergei
Demyanyuk Sergei