Nine "strict" years: as passed court the former vice-mayor Barnaul and that threatens his scandalous relatives

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On September 10 Zheleznodorozhny settlement district court of the Barnaul city of the Altai Territory pronounced a severe sentence to the former deputy of chapter of ADMINISTRATION OF BARNAUL OF THE ALTAI TERRITORY to Demin Sergei. The official found guilty of receiving a large bribe. After hour meeting of the spouse of the former official made in a hall the real scandal which for it can turn back problems with the law. Deprived the sewed Court appointed to Demin Sergei 9 years of imprisonment in colonies of a high security, and also a penalty of 15,1 million rubles. Except this ex-official for four years deprived of the right to hold the positions connected with organizational and administrative powers. As...