"Montreal" caught the center of "Arizona" Dvorak Christian, having given a draft peaks of the 1st and 2nd rounds

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A 25-year American center forward Dvorak Christian as a result of an exchange passed from Hockey club "Arizona Koyotis" in Hockey club "Monreal Kanadiyens". About it it is reported on the official site of National Hockey League. "Arizona" received for Dvorak Christian two draft peak – the first round of 2022 and the second round of 2024. Let's remind that in a regular season-2020/2021 Dvorak Christian participated in 56 meetings for "Arizona" in which gathered 31 (17%2B14) a point at an indicator of usefulness "-11" and 12 minutes of penal time, having won on a point 52% of throw-ins. In National Hockey League it won back all 5 seasons in structure of "Koyots" and managed to hold 302 meetings, in its asset...