Public joint-stock company "Mobilnyye TeleSistemy" invests in digitalization Republic of Kalmykia more than 200 million rubles

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Until the end of 2024 of investments companies in digitalization Republic of Kalmykia will exceed 200 million rubles. Mobile communication and the high-speed Internet will provide small villages about population to 1 thousand people. The minister of digital developments reported the republics to TASS about it Aleksey Petrovich Eteev. According to him, to Republic of Kalmykia 53 base stations (BS) will be constructed. Today into operation it is already put 21 BS ranges of LTE1800. "In particular, the network of Public joint-stock company "Mobilnyye TeleSistemy" since the beginning of year for the first time appeared in seven small villages with population to 1 thousand people in three areas Republic of Kalmykia", – Aleksey Petrovich Eteev told. Network of Public joint-stock company "Mobilnyye TeleSistemy"...