After a record heat thunder-storms will come to Republic of Crimea

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After an abnormal heat the peninsula will cover with heavy rains. The leading expert of the center of weather told the FOBOS about it on air of radio "The Satellite in Republic of Crimea" Eugenie Tishkovets. According to him, the beginning of the next week, on July 19, will be abnormally hot, however the second half will bring to Republic of Crimea "stones from the sky" - heavy rains and thunder-storms. By the way, in the next three days Republic of Crimea has to break records on the maximum air temperature. "On Sunday we have to repeat or break a record of daytime temperature of 2001 – then in Simferopol was recorded %2B36,3. ", - Eugenie Tishkovets added. But since Wednesday, July 21, weather in Republic of Crimea will begin...
Eugenie Tishkovets
Last position: Leading expert (LLC "Center Fobos")